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Another fic break + updates!

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been so quiet - the past week has been really busy and I’ve been pretty under the weather besides. 

Updates!: In the Summer Chapter 8 is in progress, and should be posted by Sunday.
I’ve been kicking around some ideas for a sequel to Bodily Whole, because y’all seem to want that.
I’ll respond to comment on my fics tonight! 

After that I just really need to write about lesbians for a second here. Indulge me. 

A vacation, some conversation, a revelation.

Featuring a ninja OT3

He pulls on the dress and smooths out the fabric, enjoying the way the skirt flares when he shifts and gives an experimental turn, the lovely medium blue tones of the pattern. He always felt he looked best in blue, whether he was being Bucky’s wife or Captain America.

(In which Steve is not cisgendered and body/gender/image issues abound.)

The very fun adventures of two morons who didn’t realize they were Bondmates.

Mata requested Stucky with A/B/O dynamics, specifically alpha!Bucky and omega!Steve.

I’ve never written A/B/O before so….I hope this isn’t going to embarrass me later.

I've been making my way through pretty much all of your Steve/Bucky fics today (which are AMAZING) but I'm still going to be in vehement denial of the sadistic ending of "In the Summer All The Lights Would Shine" until you update, so there's that :)

I’m so glad you’ve been enjoying my humble contributions to this great ship! Except for, of course, that last chapter update, which I don’t think anyone actively ENJOYED. I felt a little bad posting it without any sort of resolution but a new chapter will come in a few days. There is hope, my friend! Thank you for reading ❤️

A bug, some bacon, a big mistake. 

I’m not actively trying to be sadistic. 

Some old friends return!

But maybe not the one you’re thinking about.

(Warnings for this chapter include: Violence, threat of violence toward animals.) 

Next chapter of In the Summer All The Lights would Shine coming up momentarily!

Currently writing about Phil Coulson helping Tony, Steve, and Thor roll D&D characters for a request and this is making me so happy I can’t even. 

Slugs, a birthday, a visit, a microwave, and a cliffhanger.

(this is getting dark, guys. Sorry. Not sorry.)